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Selling useless items from the Archive

Soul Shriven
Did I imagine the patch where ZOS changed 0 gold items to be worth 1 gold?

I am at the point where I have all the Endless (infinite?) Archive achievements and collectables, but I am still rewarded with Maligraphic Ichors, Disgusting Spoils etc. that can not be used and have no value other than to be inventory clutter. Why are these not worth 1 gold or tradeable like the other items affected by that patch? Don't get me wrong it is not like I am down bad for the 1 gold that much but at least be consistent..
  • Eliahnus
    Once the according achievement obtained, those things should not drop anymore. I suppose it is an oversight of ZOS.
    But since they do keep dropping, we should be able to do something with them, besides destroying. And no, I'm not settling for 1 gold.
  • Cooperharley
    Yea you should be able to sell those collectible consumables for archival fortunes in my opinion - whatever they’re worth at the weekly vendor - after you have the achievements and have completed everything
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