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Champion Points, where are you now?

  • NoticeMeArkay
    My illusion of progress is settled at 2624 CP. - My interest in gaining more is non-existent as I've come to realize that the champion point system has absolute zero impact on my gameplay after roughly 1200 CP and provides nothing but a disappointing place holder for an actual level progress system that would make "advancing in content" fun and exciting.
  • Tandor
    One account created when I abandoned my original accounts post-achievement changes:-

    PC EU: 540

    PC NA: 0
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    1615 and about to turn over to 1616. I don't really care about CP. Points usually just sit there being accumulated and I occasionally go through the process of assigning them. If there were more passives or a decent way to swap out CP builds I might be interested but to be honest I'm not into things that require micromanaging for little effect.
  • AllegedParadigm
    2295 I'd say that shows how much I've played in my 3 years :)
    PC/NA August 2020 | Aldmeri Dominion - Grand Overlord & Former Empress | Koritha Larethian, Yaeli al-Iskour, Vaynth Andalen, Cylthia Oakthorn
  • ghastley
    Same range on NA and EU.
  • Warhawke_80
    WAIT....we have champion points? :#

    Seriously I mean if your really into sweaty raiding or PVP I guess they are super casual guild doesn't obsess over them and we still do most pve content just fine...

    Edited by Warhawke_80 on December 18, 2023 5:22PM
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  • LunaFlora
    1894 i believe.
    miaow! i'm Luna ( she/her ).

    🌸*throws cherry blossom on you*🌸
    "Eagles advance, traveler! And may the Green watch and keep you."
    PlayStation and PC EU.
    LunaLolaBlossom on psn.
    LunaFloraBlossom on pc.
  • Necrotech_Master
    almost 2600 here

    but i barely pay attention to them anymore since cant slot everything

    the only time i even bother with xp scrolls is for companion xp
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
  • KlauthWarthog
  • Castagere
  • katanagirl1
    The last update informed me that I had unallocated CP, like that was a surprise or something, lol
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  • Hotdog_23
    EF321 wrote: »
    vsrs_au wrote: »
    What's the practical limit of CP, though? I'm at about 1270 on my main character, and starting to run out of perks to spend them on.

    I use pretty much entire green tree and I don't have enough to buy war mount on this char, but other's use it instead of thieving or fishing. That's CP3600

    Jack of all trades addon slots stars on the fly, so I don't have to think about slotting them myself, I harvest a node, it slots plentiful harvest and master gatherer, I loot urn, it slots homemaker, I Approach crafting station, it slots disassembly, etc... I'd go bankrupt if I had to pay every time :)

    Similar with other trees, Dynamic CP addon can reslot as needed depending on where I ported and my selected role. I.e. I use different stars if I am in overland, dungeon as a healer next, and port to Cyrodiil afterwards without me having to remember to reset and redistribute in between. Obviously, I can do all content with same generic set of stars, but if it costs me nothing but setup addon just once and never have to worry again, that's very useful.

    Without addons it's indeed probably mostly useless, if you have to go to menu manually every time anyway.

    by far not worth the time to level up.
    I craft about as much or even more master writs long after I reached CP3600, CP is just byproduct of making vouchers :)
    It definitely saves a lot of time and gold in long run.

    Used all the green tree slots. Have hundreds CP unassigned in red and blue trees.

    Really wish console players could use the Jack of all trades add-on, or ZOS could build it into the base game. Always found it funny that the 30-second timer is because of the Jack of all trades add-on. Rather than admit the mistake made during the CP rework. 

    Honestly, the entire green tree should not require slots. Totally fine with blue and red tree requiring choices to be made since they affect combat. Just not the green tree, since they are QOL. 

    Stay safe :)
  • Cazador
    1970-1980ish, don't know the exact amount off the top of my head
    Edited by Cazador on December 19, 2023 7:39AM
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