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Group Finder A+

Thank you thank you thank you for group finder. I've legit done as many trials in the past month as I have the past 9 years. Groups have been great, everyone is friendly (At least in normal, can't speak for vet). Just the exposure alone makes trials so much less daunting.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    i would agree, it is really nice to basically more easily form up pug groups for content that does not have a queue (archive, 4 player arenas, trials, misc zone stuff)

    if i wasnt busy running other things i for sure would join more of the normal trials to help fill out some more of the collection book (though im quickly running out of normal trial gear to collect lol)
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  • El_Borracho
    On PS-NA. Its been pretty solid for basic stuff like VHRC plunder runs, even some HM runs. I confess, I'm surprised that the level of play for those has been so good. I even ran a "plunder run" a few weeks back where we only had 4 deaths in VHRC, and could have had a no-death if we actually tried. Most surprising is that the players are almost all on mic and have been super friendly.

    At the same time, its been predictably awful for things like VDSR, VKA, and VRG. Hopefully, the skills gap between those poles will shrink. Always need more people for raids in ESO. But overall, its been a positive experience; something I never thought would be possible, given the woes of the original group finder
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