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Can someone help me to watch books in house? [PC EU]

Soul Shriven

A some days ago i found out that to drop new update furnishings books u need to have them in collection of your Eidetic Memory read, so i need some books from Endless Archive, but haven't them in collection, so is someone have this book in house/storage and i can add your in friend and visit your house to read this books, thanks in advance.

I playing on PC EU server.

Interested books:

"A Summoner's Guide to Nymics"'s_Guide_to_Nymics_(furnishing)

"History of Necrom: The City of the Dead"

"On Tracts Perilous"

"The Prior's Fulcrum"'s_Fulcrum_(furnishing)

"Uluscant's Manifesto"'s_Manifesto_(furnishing)
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