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Is there an addon that allows you to gather all the gold for a character?

Hi, is there an addon that allows you to move gold from any character to a character we're connected to? Even better, have an option that could indicate the desired amount to move to a recipient character.

This in order to allow you to no longer need to connect on X number of characters when you need to collect the gold you own.

I know that there is "Inventory Insight" (by the way, respect to the creator of this addon;) to see everything we have on our other characters, safe and bank as well as all the currencies, but unless I am mistaken, this one does not allow such a function.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    you cannot "mail yourself", but you can use currency manager addons that move most of your funds to your bank so they are at least accessible by any of your characters

    i use one of these currency managers to keep a minimum of 20k gold on my character, and if i need more i can pull up the banker assistant or visit a banker to withdraw more

    but since you cannot send in game mail to yourself, theres no way to automatically send gold to another character on your acct, the most efficient way to trade stuff amongst yourself is the bank
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  • LunaFlora
    you can mail gold if it's to a different account and put it in your bank if it's the same account.

    you don't need add-ons for it
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  • SilverBride
    I put all my gold in my bank except for 2k per character for repairs, etc.. Any of the characters on an account can deposit or withdraw gold, tel var, alliance points and writ vouchers from the bank as needed.
  • belial5221_ESO
    There is an addon called Autobanker that can autodeposit in bank,but can do it almost as fast manually.It can do currencies and items that are bankable.But there's nothing that does char to char direct,since all can access same bank.If you got chars that are in places without a bank,get the banker ally and the autobanker addon,and can use it anywhere except cyro,IC,I think.Basically you still eed to login to any account to do the transactions.
  • Tallon_IV
    I use the banking portion of PersonalAssistant to keep a minimum amount of gold on each character. It automatically withdraws the amount needed when I go to a banker, or deposits excess if I set a max value as well.
  • LalMirchi
    I use Bandits UI Loot Manager as I'm already using the main addon. I keep 10K gold on all alternative characters, the rest is banked. My main crafter is unlimited as they are the one doing trading activities.
  • Blood_again
    I use Bank Manager Revived addon.
    You can setup various profiles for characters like "keep 100k gold on char, put the rest in bank; put all intricates and glyphs in bank; get all survey maps from bank".
    For example I use setting "put all but 100k" on alts and "get all but 200k from bank" on my main. So gold flows to my main while I do writs.
    It can work on button pressed or automatically on bank opened.
    This addon literally saved me before crafting bags. It is still very useful after.

    The only thing you should check carefully - delay between item moves. Set 0.8sec or more to avoid being booted. Please avoid server flood :)
    This addon has enormous amount of settings (many categories of items), but it worth it once you set it up for your routines.
  • Cooperharley
    This is a great thread! I’ve been playing since 2014 with thousands of hours invested and had no idea these addons existed. I always just did it manually but have all the other auto addons (recharge, repair, research, etc). Thanks guys!
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