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Not a fan of the change to the Ayleid Bookshelf, Cluttered.

So for years, since they were introduced shortly after the Morrowind expansion, there have been two craftable Ayleid furnishings that house books, and two slightly different Crown Store only variations. The Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered was the tall craftable version, while the Ayleid Bookshelf, Cluttered was the smaller, half as tall bookshelf version we could make.

Well, recently someone at ZOS decided that they would change the name of the Ayleid Bookshelf, Cluttered to Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered. So what we have now are two different sized library units with identical names. Without the ability to preview from inventory or at guild traders, the only way to tell the two current Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered praxes apart is that the shorter version requires 11 Mundane Runes to craft, while the taller version takes 12 Mundane Runes. The praxes themselves can be viewed in the CraftStore addon, while all four of the Ayleid furnishings can be previewed in the Housing Editor under the Purchase tab.

This is yet another case of fixing things that weren't broken, for the sake of change. If bookshelves are to remain banned, then perhaps naming one Ayleid Bookcase, Tall and the other Ayleid Bookcase, Short would alleviate some of the recently introduced confusion.
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  • BuffNukem
    I agree that this wasn't a critical issue that needed fixing, but if they are going to implement nomenclature changes then they need to be more cautious with checking what names are already in use.

    Besides now having two plans now named "Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered", we now also have two plans named "Orcish Bookcase, Peaked".

    In addition, I can't figure out why in the U40 patch notes they called out "Elsweyr Bookshelf, Elegant Wooden" as staying called a Bookshelf when all the other Elsweyr bookshelves were changed to bookcases, including the filled version of the exact same furnishing which was updated to "Elsweyr Bookcase, Elegant Wooden Filled".

    Hopefully they fix these discrepancies quickly, but I have a long list of other furnishing plan errors that haven't been addressed for years.
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