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Endless Archive playing time length is too much long...

Endless Archive playing time length is too much long...

Well, I'm not interested in score board. Just want to correct set gear as possible as I can.
But EA playing time length is too much long compared with 4men group dungeon.
I usually spend 1hour30min or more until 2arc finished.

1h30min only for killing much of trash mob enemies. I'm tired of that contents little bit.(/._.\)

Once I did normal imperial prison group dungeon with 1 DPS, but within 30min or less.
FG1 is more faster you know.

Please make the Archive set item drop location more, or increase Archive currency reward.
My playing time Mon-Friday UTC13:00-16:00 [PC-NA] CP over2000 now.
I have [1Tough tank] [1StamSorc-DD] [1Necro-DD] [1Real Healer]
But, I'm Tank main player. Recently I'm doing Healer.

By the way...Dungeon-Meshi(One of Famous Japanese fantasy story comic book) got finale...
Good-bye "King of Monster Eater".
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