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Icereach HM Trifecta "No Rest for the Wicked" Title Storm Foe

Hi, All. If anyone is bored or wanted to complete the Icereach HM Veteran Trifecta achievement while going for the Mother Ciannait Gold Motif Mask i recorded a video using my Templar Tank. The 1st boss we were also going for another achievement leave 3 ice Atro's alive so it Speeds up after that. Cheers! Commentary included i did not have Mic muted. No Foul Language.

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  • Paramedicus
    Got trifecta with random vet on pledge day.

    PUG's still got it ! :#
    PC EU
    /script JumpToHouse("@Paramedicus")
    ↑↑↑ Feel free to visit my house if you need to use Transmute Station or Trial Dummy with buffs (look for Harrowing Reaper) ↑↑↑
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