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Endless archive mythic idea

How about making a mythic specific to endless archive?

My idea: you can select and bind any one vision to the mythic so you can run that vision from the start.

The vision would be bound to the mythic until changed - this could be purchased/changed through the endless archive currency and/or have a cool-down between changes

The mythic could empower or even slightly nerf different visions to make sure the different visions are all somewhat equal and to not have just 1 meta

I think this would add to the endless archive experience and add to the diversity of builds you can run in there.
  • Necrotech_Master
    kind of sounds alright, however they would have to seriously balance the visions as they are now before you could would have the ability to nerf other visions

    in the current available visions, the only one that would ever make sense to apply to this hypothetical mythic is focused efforts, even if it reduces the strength of all other visions by 50%

    you auto start with 1 stack of the most powerful vision, and other visions go from like 3% aoe dmg to 1.5% aoe dmg (which is only slightly worse than the un-buffed vision which is 2%)

    i dont really see that as changing the "meta" because of how unbalanced the visions are power wise, most of the visions just need a significant buff in order to actually be run-changing enough to bother with
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  • a_u_s_t_y
    They need to balance visions anyway, some are just so lack luster in comparison to things like focussed efforts and attuned enchantments but this was just an idea that I think could be fun and add to the endless archive experience
  • kojou
    I would rather have it let me pick a Verse and keep it the whole session. >:)
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