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Why is the patch server so SLOW?

Just tested my internet connection.... 500 Mb/s .... Patch Server 45.6 KB/s
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  • Warhawke_80
    Are you verifying files?

    That seems to take forever.
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  • TaSheen
    Wow. That's seriously slow. I got the download this morning (southwest US, but I only have satellite for connection), and it took less than 5 minutes.... including applying the patch....

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  • VaxtinTheWolf
    I'm having a similar issue. Speed checked my connection at above 200Mb download. The patcher itself is downloading at 10-60Kb. I'm also getting "WebGet request failed"
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  • EdjeSwift
    I'm having a similar issue. Speed checked my connection at above 200Mb download. The patcher itself is downloading at 10-60Kb. I'm also getting "WebGet request failed"

    Google says:
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  • UnionJill1
    I am having the same issues. I am on the download, not verifying files. My internet connection is fine, 1gig. Im downloading between 5 kb/s to 50 kb/s, keeps fluctuating.

    I was able to download and patch another game while this one was still limping along. The other game was a bigger file than this one.
  • wilykcat
    Try changing the maximum download speed to "Unlimited" or setting it to 0.
  • CashelGaming
    Soul Shriven
    Patching is super slow. Speed test is fine so it has to be a Zenimax issue.

  • CashelGaming
    Soul Shriven
    Downloaded and installed the game from the Steam Launcher but ran into the same issue with the patching server. GB internet and KB patch speed.
  • Braffin
    Well, that's odd. Took less than a minute for me earlier this day (for pc eu, consoles were still in maintenance mode).

    Maybe they just rerouted all available resources (including the patch servers) for the Cyro population test for better documentation of the ridiculous lagfest over there.

    Nah, just kidding...
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  • ArchMikem
    Server load can affect download speeds, high traffic slows things down. I just now downloaded the update on console and it finished in like 30 seconds.
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  • afkpro
    i had this the last hour. game was updating so i went to browse the internet. by the time i was done, i assumed the update would be done too but it was far from being done.

    the past 15 minutes or so i was restarting the launcher several times until it just fixed itself. maybe zos fixed something idk, but it should be working smooth now. it did at least for me.
  • TripleBullet187
    I was having terrible downloads for the small patch as well. Running a Gigabit connection and was getting like 5KB. I tried running all apps as admin, did not work. Flushed DNS did not work.

    I figured it was an issue with their servers. Seems NA in particular. Used my VPN and connected to a server in London and boom, patch was done.

    VPN might just do the trick to bounce you to a better server.
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  • Elsonso
    Last I knew, ZOS used Akamai CDN to distribute patch stuff.
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  • Tallon_IV
    The download servers are pretty embarrassing and always have been. I just had to reinstall the other day and it took about an hour with gigabit internet.
  • CashelGaming
    Soul Shriven
    It did the same thing for me that other people are describing where it was super slow for a long time then it downloaded the last 70 percent in a few seconds. I thought it was absurd that I downloaded and installed the game from the steam launcher before a 100 mb patch completed.
  • Smerchy
    Was thinking to go back to ESO, but I guess this is a sign... Will go back to playing Baldurs Gate 3.

    Now 2 days patcher speed is low KB/S, back to dial up days... The main website is also loading really slow.

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