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Let`s see if this helps, ZOS

Here you have the fight with Zhaj’hassa the Forgotten that everyone complains about. Let`s see the ESO/ZOS team stand behind this pillar during the channeled explosion phase.n1u2q4wz49m2.png
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  • madman65
    Just to let the team know that I did not get through this and I had four lives.
  • ApoAlaia
    Yeah, getting this boss for me is a 50:50 chance of having to reset the archive.
  • MissAethe
    I've had numerous instances of the pillar not even being there when this happens, or, standing behind it does absolutely nothing to stop an immediate wipe.

    This sole boss has stopped numerous runs for me and its super annoying
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  • TwiceBornStar
    You can always try again.. His time will come.

    One day!
  • Zenzuki
    This boss is definitely busted! Pillars either don’t work or they spawn at the bleeding edge of the platform where you can’t get behind them. Please fix this ZOS!!! Destroys my entire run whenever this boss shows up. 3/4 threads to zero instantly! BS
    Can Open...
  • ESO_player123
    I'm also interested to know if it's intended to get the curse that needs to be cleansed right about when the explosion is supposed to happen. So, I have to choose whether to run to the cleansing pad or stay behind the pillar. This happened on several occasions. Sometimes I was lucky and the pillar spawned right in front of the pad. So, I was able to cleanse not leaving the pillar. On other occasions the pad was far away and when I cleansed I got killed by an explosion because I did not have time to get back behind the pillar.

    So, is this mechanic overlap supposed to happen? And if so, how should it be managed? To my knowledge both of them is one shot death.
  • RebornV3x
    got this boss again and it just end my runs
    Xbox One - NA GT: RebornV3x
    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

    After further review we have decided to move this thread to a category we think is more appropriate for this topic, as it's reporting a potential bug.

    Thank you for your understanding
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  • Ulfgarde
    You need to cleanse the debuff when your screen turns blue. Best to keep him near a pillar at all times if you can. When he has a damage shield, you just need to damage him like normal. Only the animation that looks like he's casting rally is the one that will kill you.

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  • madman65
    Ran into the same boss and the same thing happened again, parked the pillar on the edge and I couldn`t get behind it so I died. Need to fix this!
  • Necrotech_Master
    yeah, at least the pillars are not despawning early, but i would agree that they should not spawn on the absolute outer edge of the arena

    i usually survive the explosion because majority of the time im playing this im running on a tank spec with 40k+ max hp (and the explosion only does 38.8k dmg)
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
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