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The Akaviri Crate opening thread.

Since we have a few days of opening Akaviri crates as part of the daily rewards, I would love to see what people are getting. I'll start:

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  • AnduinTryggva
    Yeah, I tend to get trash only too:(

    congrats for your draw.
  • Araneae6537
    Congrats on the nice drops! :smiley: I didn’t take a screenshot, but I got the Alavari chestpiece today. I’d love to get the Dwarven Orrey and Unruly Bangs. :)
  • Tandor
    I got a useless adornment on one server, and a nice house furnishing on the other. Plus the usual trash items of course. I think I ended up with 6 gems on one server and didn't bother on the other one.

    However, that's one furnishing item and 6 gems I didn't have before I logged in, so a lot more useful to me as a non-PvPer than telvar stones. While disappointed I'm not ungrateful and there are several more to go!
  • Icy_Waffles
    I got a pet butterfly. I will never use it, but it was really cool looking
  • Hapexamendios
    All crap
  • ESO_player123
    9 gems
  • TaSheen
    I got several pets (I have 6 crates to open - 3 accounts both pc megaservers), some markings I didn't have (not that I use markings), and stuff to turn into gems, for which I'm grateful. Oh, and a couple of nice dye stamps.
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  • Mascen
    got the akaviri sabatons from the blue rewards today. I dont have high hopes for the crate, kinda splurged when it came back a few months ago.

    Right now my bigger problem is squirreling away as many crown gems as possible for when the Diamond anniversary crates come out because alot of the stuff in the allmaker crates is right up my alley and that Skaal spider mount is tempting
  • Taggund
    9 gems
  • TheImperfect
    Got a pet jerboa and about 35 gems.
  • Kikazaru
    What I got reminds me why I never splurge on gambling crates. On the upside, I just need a few more gems to get this cool item on there.. :smile:

    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
  • AzuraFan
    I got the pet dog, which is great. I'm fine with anything other than cosmetics (dyes, markings, etc.) because I never use them.
  • BenTSG
    I've not taken a screenshot of my first box, but I got the Girdle style which I already owned so it was converted to gems, the boot drinker emote, and some trash items I turned into gems as well. Will have to see what else I get in the rest of the boxes!
  • Kallykat
    1st day: Eye of Shalidor Face Markings (5 gems), plus 4 more gems of junk
    2nd day: Akaviri Potentate Gautlets (5 gems), plus 4 more gems of junk
    3rd day: Akaviri Potentate Pony, plus 2 gems of junk
    4th day: Temporary Candlefly Lantern (13 gems), Anthor's Shadow Crown (5 gems), plus 3 more gems of junk
    5th day: Solitude Banner, Helkarn Wolf Pup (13 gems), plus 4 more gems of junk

    To sum up, I got a banner emote, a pony pet, and 58 gems.
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  • meekmiko
    Jerboa pet on both the NA and EU server. Already had it on the NA, but not on the EU.

    Edited to add: That Jerboa kept coming back to haunt me in just about every single crate I got. It became a running joke between my boyfriend and I. Lawl!
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    • ☀️ 🛡️ EP - Mihi'Mai-Ra, Plague of Peryite / Khajiit StamPlar (Tank) -Main Tank-
    • ☀️ ✨ EP - Lady Lapa'au, The Magnanimous / Khajiit MagPlar (Healer) -Main Healer-
    • 🌩️ ☄️ EP - Ra'venk, Style Master / Khajiit MagSorc (DPS)
    • 🗡️ ⚔️ EP - Bird gra-Shuzgub, Forge Breaker / Orc StamBlade (DPS)
    • 🗡️ ✨ EP - Blades-at-the-Ready, Witch / Argonian MagBlade (Healer)
    • ☀️ ⚔️ EP - Lady Fortuna the Blessed, Grand Champion / Imperial StamPlar (DPS)
    • 🔥 🛡️ EP - Plays-in Volcanoes, Mystic / Argonian StamDK (Tank)
    • 💀 ☄️ EP - Ko'shamari the Doomweaver, Dovahkriid / Khajiit MagNecro (DPS)
    • 🌱 ✨ EP - Sorvete, Countess / Khajiit StamDen (Healer)
    • 🔥 🏹 EP - Falora Veloth, The Merciless / Dunmer StamDK (DPS)
    • 🌩️ 🛡️ AD - Shimmers-with-Static, Spark of Vengeance / Argonian StamSorc (Tank)
    • ☀️ ⚔️ EP - Amarri-do the Magnificent, Clan Mother / Khajiit StamPlar (DPS)
    • 🌩️ ⚔️ EP - Z'majii-dar the Quick, Battlegrounds Butcher / Khajiit StamSorc (DPS)
    • 🔥 ⚔️ EP - Habasi the Glamorous, Seeker of Artifacts / Khajiit StamDK (DPS)
    • ❄️ 🛡️ EP - Elísabet Skull-Smasher, Thane of Falkreath / Nord StamDen (Tank)
    • 🗡️ 🛡️ EP - Yana-la the Iron Lotus, Silver Knight / Khajiit StamBlade (Tank)
    • 👁️ ☄️ EP - Mog gra-Ushug the Scholar, Master Historian / Orc MagCanist (DPS)
    • 👁️ 🔨 EP - Mamaea the Sledgehammer, Alpha Predator / Khajiit StamCanist (DPS)
    • 👁️ 🏹 AD - Danegor Lichenhollow, Lord / Bosmer StamCanist (DPS)
    • & I only dabble on the PC/EU server sometimes
    • 🗡️ ⚔️ AD - Jessamine Seed-Nightrun / Bosmer StamBlade (DPS)
    • 🌩️ ⚔️ EP - Sings-a-Song-of-Storms / Argonian StamSorc (DPS)
    • ☀️ ☄️ DC - Mog gra-Yarzol the Fair / Orc MagPlar (DPS)
    • 🌱 ⚔️ AD - Mamaea the Sledgehammer / Khajiit StamDen (DPS)
    • 🗡️ ⚔️ AD - Pashet the Nimble / Khajiit StamBlade (DPS)
    • 🔥 🏹☄️ EP - Furoni the Ember / Dunmer HybridDK (DPS)
    • 💀 ⚔️ AD - Dro'Vashpar the Corrupted / Khajiit StamPlar (DPS)
    • 🌩️ ☄️ EP - Steals-Many-Hearts / Argonian MagSorc (DPS)
  • Paramedicus
    Pigletish pet
    PC EU
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  • Djennku
    28 gems or something like that unless I read the numbers wrong. Got two things of blue quality that were duplicates, so win win!
    Recieved the Ambergill guar yesterday, a very nice suprise. I hope I have as much luck with today's crate.🤞
    A body tattoo I already had and 3 rubbish potions (now 3 gems)..
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I got a Grand xp scroll today. So, I traded it in with the other trash and used the gems to buy the brain slug from the new crates.
    PC EU
  • Nightowl_74
    An Akaviri style piece, I don't remember which one because I don't collect those, and some junk to convert to gems. Hopefully I'll have better luck with the next one.
  • Diebesgut

    ... my Khajiit Family gets a Floral Tatoo Shorn Camel.

    They will place it near a market stand as a tourist magnet ... 🏵️🐫🌺

    Khajiit Sicherheitsdienst ~ Überprüfung von Schlössern aller Art ~ Khajiit Security ~ Inspection of any kind of locks
    Khajiit Gebrauchtwaren ~ Handel mit Waren aller Art ~ Khajiit Store ~ Trading of any kind of goods
  • I_killed_Vivec
    Yesterday: some kind of pig and some kind of pony, plus trash portions worth 3 gems.

    Today: some kind of crown, and XP scroll and potions worth 2 gems :(
  • Hapexamendios
    Today a pet, style page and more crap
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