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[NA][PC] I Thrive I is here and looking to grow!

Soul Shriven
• Guild Name: I Thrive I
• World/Server Name: NA-PC
• Time Zone: Any
• Focus: PVE/PVP
• Daggerfall faction

🌿  What We Offer 🌿
• No level requirement or time requirement!
• A very clean and organized discord with a solid admin team!
• A team-focused environment. We all succeed or we all fail. This includes gearing, content completion, etc.
• A place you can settle long-term.
• Competitive leaders and organizers for both PvE & PvP events.
• Thrive is a multigaming community, we host game nights, events, etc. Outside of ESO.

More information:
A majority of us have been gaming together for years at this point but we've also consistently expanded. Thrive really pushes to foster an environment where people can have fun, relax, not worry about toxicity, yet still remain competitive. Rather than be negative about losses, we review and discuss how to improve. While we have continued to grow, we push for a small-guild environment trying to make sure everyone feels included, involved, and heard. We ARE newer to ESO but we learn quick and we are organized. PvP is a bit of a higher focus for us, but we intend to complete all content.

📜 Rules 📜
• No religion/political talk
• Age: 16+
• No advertisements
• Discord & a mic required even if not being actively used.

🔗 Join Us Now! 🔗  Create an ESO application and we'll chat!
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