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Endless Archive Offerings - Week of November 28th

This week's Endless Archive Offerings are as follows:

Overland Drops:
DLC: The Reach
Base Game: Deshaan (Get that Mother's Sorrow)

FIler Ool:
Treasure Map: High Isle (Get that Ancestral Breton!)
Style Page: Spawn of Mephala Mask
Leads: Aligned Dwarven Plates/Mindcleaver Loop - Markyn Ring of Majesty
Books: Invocation of Hircine/A Feast Among the Dead, Chapter IV
Endless Archive Collectible: Unreliable Archive Map - Shattered Mirror Maze Face Marks
Edited by EdjeSwift on November 28, 2023 10:53PM
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  • Wolfkeks
    Thank you @EdjeSwift for the info! :)
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  • CGPsaint
    I'm waiting patiently for the Baron Zaudrus Mask Style Page to come around...
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