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A few questions about mechanics and numbers

I've been playing for several years and I still don't know:

657 Critical Chance, is how much in %?
1096 recourse, 129 dmg and 1487 penetration - is how much dmg in %.
What is the initial chance of applying status effects?
How is critical damage resistance calculated?
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  • Parasaurolophus
    Nobody knows? Srsly?
  • RoseTheSnowElf
    Wish I could help out. But out of your questions the only one I can answer for you is Crit Chance; if I did my math correctly when I was rebuilding my main from a blank slate -

    219 pnts of Crit Chance is equal to 1% Crit Chance.

    So when a line of Crit Chance on armor sets says 657 Critical Chance that comes to 219 x 3. Making each 657 Critical Chance line adding 3% Crit Chance to the build.

    If you haven't checked out the Unofficial Elder Scrolls wiki, I suggest you do. They have a build editor page that allows for theory crafting templates and there is available information on how these values are calculated.
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  • Ph1p
    To see the impact of stats on tooltip damage calculations, I recommend UESP. Here is an example for a bow skill and you can play around with max stats and weapon/spell damage or look at the actual formula to see their effects:
    https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoSkills?&id=40897&skillname=Lethal Arrow&level=66&health=16000&magicka=12000&stamina=12000&spelldamage=1000&weapondamage=1000&showall=1

    Skinny Cheeks has some detailed guides on penetration and critical damage here:

    ESO University has an overview on the chances of status effects here:
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