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Is there a way to visit someones home when they are not online AND...

it is not their primary home?

i think there is an addon for this, however, i'm not looking to use an addon. Just wondering if there is something that can be done without. Thanks :)
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  • Braffin
    Not possible without addon afaik.

    The mod in question is "PortToFriendsHouse" if you want to try it out.
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  • spartaxoxo
    Have them mail the link to you.
  • fizl101
    I haven't tried it, but double check if they can mail you a link to their home? With the changes that also allowed you to link homes to guild details I think it also allowed you to share links with people
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  • danko355
    You can use the following script:
    /script JumpToSpecificHouse(" @ playerid", houseid)
    Houseid can be found here:

    So let’s say you want to port to my Tel Galen house, you just type
    /script JumpToSpecificHouse("@danko355", 44)
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  • LunaFlora
    yes you can with housing codes.
    you do not need the script command nor add-ons.


    type that into chat with the appropriate username,
    replace 01 with one of the housing IDs from ,
    and then interact with it.
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  • CyberDiva
    A quick heads up for those trying to use either one. Both options work, BUT only if you have permissions to enter the house. I just ran a test out of curiosity and found that a "locked" house will not allow you entry.

    So for those of you worried about people popping into locked houses with these codes, worry not.

    As a second side note, the best add-on for viewing others' houses is EHT (Essential Housing Tools .... using the Open Houses tab). They even have a massive list of houses that people have opened up for you to visit. Enjoy!
    Edited by CyberDiva on November 29, 2023 3:46PM
  • Twohothardware
    Sounds like someone is looking to get into the cat burgling business.
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