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Gold Deadroth vision EA

What vision causes a golden deadroth to appear and fight for you in Endless Archive?
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  • Kisakee
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  • EdjeSwift
    The only Golden Daedroth I've seen is fighting that one boss who uses it to attack and them summon 2 Daedroth to attack you.
    Antiquities Addict
  • Jaimeh
    There is a type of mob in the trash packs (a 'conjurer something') that summons golden spectral monsters to do his bidding, and I think I've seen him summon a daedroth (unless it was something else, but I remember it breathing fire) but other than that I haven't seen a gold daedroth anywhere else, though to be fair I haven't tried all the proc-containing verses/visions yet.
  • croakie
    Ok, thanks. It seemed to be attacking them and not us but maybe it doesn’t follow our movement.
  • belial5221_ESO
    The green one could look goldish depending on lighting,or your monitor/gpu colors could be a little off.

    Also if you wear the maw o the infernal monster set it summons one.
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