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This is the 7th Annual ESO gift exchange!!!! Many have participated in the previous years, and if you yourself would like to participate, please see below.

How it works:
Post your in-game @ name and your platform and some nice soul out there will send you a gift! Also put down what you would like in-game that can be sent through mail.

E.g. I'm on PC NA, my in-game @name is @Aliyavana. I want [x] item. Let's say potatoes as an example.

As for what I want this year, I just want you all to have a safe and happy holidays.

Let's get in the holiday spirit as a community and pay it forward!!!!!!!

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  • LukosCreyden
    PS/EU @ Lukos_Creyden

    I'd really love some Ayleid furnishings, or some High Elven structural stuff. Trying to build an ancient elven ruin in my coldharbor house!
    Struggling to find a new class to call home.Please send help.
  • KimchiKing
    Soul Shriven
    Pc/eu @Kimchi-King

    Spare motif/style pages are always appreciated. And if some kind soul is willing to sell me some crowns for or near to pre-crowngiftingban prices that would be the icing on the christmas cake :D
  • irswat
    Pc-na @irswat surprise me! I will pay it forward
    The Lord Jesus Christ saved me from sin and darkness. His love has transformed me so that I am a new creature in Him. May you find Him too, and experience His richness and goodness!
  • Castagere
    @Kaikura PC NA
    Thieves Guild DLC
    Dark Brotherhood DLC.

    Thank you in Advance and Happy Holidays, everyone.
    Edited by Castagere on November 24, 2023 7:35PM
  • Inari Telvanni
    Inari Telvanni
    PC/NA @Aanthirin

    For myself, I've been missing the accursed Prior Thierric arms pack every single time that it's been on the store, because I can never afford it!

    And for my partner @MusieMayhem — bless her soul, she'd never ask for it — I want to see her smile but I can't get this particular item for her, so if anyone is feeling really generous with Crowns to spare, it'd be nice for her to get Kushalit Sanctuary. She's a really big fan of Daedra in general, and a really good decorator, and I'd love nothing more to hear her glee as she steps into her own Kushalit <3
  • Kisakee
    PC/EU @bilqis @Kisakee

    As we're building event houses we're happy about any crafting ressources. You can stop by to just watch our creations too so enjoy and happy holidays!

    Edit: For our current christmas project we need some snow from the housing crown store for @bilqis.
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  • Maitsukas
    PC-EU @maitsukas

    I'd like to have the following:

    Some Crown Crates (non-bundles)
    Outfit and Armory slots
    Legendary Dragon Armor and Arms Packs
    Any multi-rider mount

    The following items from December's Crown Store Showcase:
    Stalhrim Armor Pack
    Mother Ciannait Arms Pack
    Nazaray Arms Pack
    Houseguests: Hildegard and Kor
    Personal Plant Thief

    Thanks in advance and have safe holiday season!
    Edited by Maitsukas on December 8, 2023 7:38PM
    Call me Mait
  • phaneub17_ESO
    I'll take that Black Fredas Special for my second account @phane482 PC/NA

    EDIT: Received!
    Edited by phaneub17_ESO on November 24, 2023 7:52PM
  • spartaxoxo
    PS4 NA
    PSN: spartaxoxo

    Could I please have a crown crate or some furniture mats?

    Edit: I'd especially love some of the new crates. I'd even gladly pay for some!
    Edited by spartaxoxo on December 7, 2023 8:30PM
  • dragonlord500
    PC/NA @Primordialaeon

    I would take any crown crates or the Voideater Durzog mount
    Guild master of Darkness of Sanguinaris. Birthday is December 4th.
  • AuroranGoldenEagle
    PC NA
    @FishSpeakerLeto (yes, it's a Dune reference :blush: )

    If anyone has a pinch of Dreugh Wax to spare, that would be amazing, otherwise a crown crate would be most welcome.

    I love the vibes in this post, it's all very sweet
  • DarcyMardin
    Love this thread! I will be paying it forward!

    My newest account, @WinterTempleton on PC NA would love some Summerset furnishings (my favorite) or recipes or mats to make them.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

    Edit : I received some very generous gifts from @ArchangelIsraphel and @metheglyn so I'm all set. Thank you so much, and what a wonderful tradition!
    Edited by DarcyMardin on November 25, 2023 4:15PM
  • valenwood_vegan
    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, and a safe / joyful holiday season to everyone!

    [EDIT to remove request, was able to get it].

    I love that this is a thing in our community, and will definitely be paying it forward down the road a bit!
    Edited by valenwood_vegan on November 27, 2023 9:22PM
  • TheDarkRuler
    PC EU @TheDarkRuler
    Currently building an Khajiit temple and really would love some furnishings :)
  • Auberon1983
    PS5 NA
    Auberon1983 (PSN)

    I don't need anything, just putting this here in case some others on PSNA do but might be afraid to ask.
  • Auberon1983
    spartaxoxo wrote: »
    PS4 NA

    Could I please have a crown crate or some furniture mats?

    What's your PSN?
  • Djennku
    PC NA

    I've been looking for a "Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis", and it would be awesome to recieve this. Otherwise, surprise me! ^^ Thanks for hosting this fun little event, hope everyone gets something special ^^
  • BenTSG
    Oh yay, it's the exchange again! Last year's one was pretty fun!

    I am PC/EU, @HuedPurple. Armoury Slots and anything Khajiiti would be nice, but I'd be thankful for anything! Crafting mats, Attunable crafting stations, gold, anything would be fine!
    Edited by BenTSG on November 27, 2023 6:07AM
  • Deserrick
    @Deserrick PC NA

    Character slots
    High Isle

    Thank you @shadyjane62 for the gold!
    Thank you @Metheglyn for the gold!
    Thank you @SunsetJelly for the character slot!
    Thank you @lDaede for the goody bag!

    Edited by Deserrick on December 31, 2023 6:35PM
  • spartaxoxo
    spartaxoxo wrote: »
    PS4 NA

    Could I please have a crown crate or some furniture mats?

    What's your PSN?

    Good catch, ty. Spartaxoxo, same as here.
    Edited by spartaxoxo on November 24, 2023 6:00AM
  • jm42
    @stoleyoursweetroll42 PC EU
    any plants and flowers furniture, fragments of collectable items and just anything you want
  • Azrael_1976
    @Melbarion PC EU

    My wishes are:
    - some columbine flowers
    - some tempering alloy
    - some rosin

    Thanks in advance.

    Happy holidays, everyone!
    Edited by Azrael_1976 on December 2, 2023 7:36PM
  • Ankoum
    Soul Shriven
    PC EU

    My wishes are:
    - Deadlands DLC
    - Firesong DLC
    - any dungeon DLC
    - Gold
    - Anything you want!

    Happy holidays everyone!
    I don't have much but I do have a few interesting items to send

    Edit: thank you for the gold!
    Edited by Ankoum on November 25, 2023 6:31AM
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