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2024? Endless archive the lore behind Tho'at Replicanum?

(Warning: Spoilers for Oblivion (Elder Scrolls 4) and the Necrom chapters follow)

I was wondering if the endless archive with its new bosses the Tho'at Replicanum might provide some clues for the upcoming ESO year 2024.
Oblivion is one of the better known and extremely successful games in the Elder Scrolls universe. In a DLC called the Shivering Isles, the Deadrian prince of madness Sheogorath tries to find a way to defend himself against invaders, the so-called Knights of Order... Jyggalag is another banished one and transformed version of the prince was intelligent, calculating and had a logic that made him a danger to the other princes -> Sheogorath came into being as a result of some distortions...

With regard to the last chapter and a back and forth about other missing princes, I find this aspect very interesting, especially since the visual design and the crystalline appearance of the new bosses (marauders) but especially Tho'at Replicanum are very reminiscent of the knights remember the order around Jyggalag.
Her ability to imitate different shapes and thus fighting techniques is also very reminiscent of Jyggalag, who was able to copy them by studying techniques and use them as a counterattack against all enemies until he became invincible. Maybe something like this was mentioned in the archive quest that I didn't follow too closely?
What do you think about it?
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  • benzenexz
    Mostly agree. I've been considering the same from the fact that the only Daedric prince known to use crystal shards is Jyggalag. Though I don't think that Tho'at Replicanum himself is Jyggalag, but for possesing and wielding the same type of ability (at least visually), I have a strong feeling that he is at least a positioned servant to Jyggalag, just as Torvesard to Ithlia.
  • LunaFlora
    tho'at is living ink so that's probably just an Apocryphal being.

    here's a lorebook :)'at_Replicanum
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  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • MafiaCat115
    As a Jyggalag fan, I hope that Tho'at has something to do with the Prince of Order. Given how she has many lines having to do with order and change, it gives me some hope. I can't recall the line exactly, but I know Malkhest says that her nymic means something along the lines of "She who became vivified ink", which could mean that she wasn't always how we find her in game.

    My two guesses are that she either is a leftover part from Jyggalag's library which helped him create his predictions, or Necrom spoilers,
    Tho'at is related to Ithelia and is either a fragment of them or is like Torvesard and helping him find the final piece of the mystery needed to bring back Ithelia
    . Given the rest of this year's content and Tho'at's design, I could see it go either way.
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