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Bow/Bow Warden

I’ve been looking to make a Warden bow build for a while now I know it’s not going to be best in slot I’m just looking to have some fun. I’m very hung up on sets and skill ideas any help would be appreciated! I have pretty much every set available to me as well.
  • Janni
    This is probably my oldest build. I've been running it since the no-proc stuff lol Though I have adjusted the gear a few times since then. With the way healing and tankiness is now she def isn't what she used to be but I still love to play it now and then.

    It's based all around crit chance, speed, and sustain. The raw damage isn't super great so there will be a lot of times where you will feel a bit powerless. You just need to know when to hold em and when to fold em.



    A lot of those enchantments are outdated since this build is several years old now but they still work well enough. The important thing is to leave yourself with plenty of stam regen and a large enough stam pool that you can sprint and roll your way to safety. Try to force your opponents to fight on your terms. If they want to run, use your range force them to want to close the gap. If they want to close in on you, use your speed and immobilizations to keep the distance. I like playing a breton with the steed or thief mundus and dubious camoran throne as my food buff but really you could make this work with almost anything. Keep in mind that during downtime the netch will help keep your stam up while sprinting, then you can sprint to regen mag quickly. This is one of the few builds where I think being a vampire isn't all that great. Sustain is paramount and if you get caught you're as good as toast anyway.

    The monster set is def a flex set. I was running Might Chudan for a while since it meant I could forgo the need of the armor buff. But lately penetration has been so high I just don't even see the point anymore. If you don't have 35k+ you aren't wearing armor anyway. Maw of the Infernal is a great alternative. So is Engine Guardian. Balorgh or Grundwolf might be decent too.

    Shuffle is a flex skill and is mostly there because Bird of Prey didn't used to give snare removal. Shimmering Shield is a great swap in for more ranged defense. Leeching vines is also a great alternative.

    For my combo I usually cast my bear ulti while I close the gap and then go with a snipe, medium attack, magnum shot, barswap, bombard combo. There are other ways to mix it up too. You could use use magnum before snipe to try to stun so that the bear and snipe are more like to hit together but it is a much slower sequence that way. Magnum and Bombard are also your main tools to keep dangerous foes at bay while you beak away. Don't let people shame you. This is a hit and run build. Do not stand toe to toe with anyone. Hit fast and run like the wind! Come back for another round if you need to.

    This build used to be really really strong but in the current state of the game it is nowhere near competitive anymore. It is still a lot of fun though. The best part is that you can swap all of this gear to any class and still make it fun. My second choice is usually to run this setup on a sorc.
  • Calastir
    Chaszmyr Do'Benrae (Dunmer Magsorc Vampire Infinity) ~ Dusk Doublespeak (Breton Magplar Werewolf) ~ Stan of Rimari (Nord Dragonknight Tank) ~ Bunto Kim Alhambra (Redguard Magplar Paladin) ~ Alicyankali (Argonian Magicka Necromancer) ~ Gruuman Odinfan (Orsimer Magplar) ~ Boymans van Beuningen (Khajiit Stam Warden Bowzerker) ~ Flannelflail (Imperial Stamina Nightblade Brawler PVP) ~ Calastir (Altmer Stamina Dragonknight) ~ Sallystir (Bosmer Stam Warden Frostbite PVP) ~ Zalastir (Altmer Magicka Warden Ice Storm) ~ Capt Peach (Nord Stamcanist Crux Cannon) ~ PC EU ~ since May 26th, 2021.
  • EF321
    Here, bow/bow dot warden:

    Monster slot is flex (zoal or nibenay for defense seem ok), caltrops is flex as well, not always useable. Can move netch to backbar to get skill line recovery % there, I keep on front for damage bonus.
    Alternative sets for body: azureblight, syvarra
    Alternative sets for jewelry and weapon: plaguebreak, syvarra, venomous smite

    I don't aim for high performance, prioritizing character theme, but it is very playable.
  • ItsNotLiving
    Thanks for the responses a lot of these look like they’d be pretty fun to play!
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