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Fun sets for Arcanist?

My relationship with ESO has been a little distant so my knowledge about sets is a handful of updates behind. I'm not necessarily asking for the most efficient sets, rather, any that really lean into the themes and aesthetics of the Arcanist. Doesn't necessarily have to be green, either! Has anyone discovered something they like?

EDIT: I should specify that I'm looking for fun visual/audio effects, not the style motifs. 💥
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  • Toanis
    Velidreth's green balls of doom fit the Arcanist theme very well.

    Bahraha's Curse puts a glowy blue symbol of life drain under your enemy, works nice with Rune of Displacement.

    Honourable mention for Plague Slinger, a rotting skeever hurling poison balls is fun but a lot of effort to get a meme set.
  • LouisaB75
    I am feeling the need to see that set for myself.

    My arcanist sets (I have one for DD and another for my baby tank mode) are boring by comparison. Not elite gear and no special effects.
  • El_Borracho
    Deadly Strike >:)

    It really is the perfect set for an Arcanist DD.
  • TybaltKaine
    Innate Axiom. Crafted set that boosts skill damage. Arcanist primarily uses a skill heavy rotation, so it seems like a natural synthesis.

    EDIT: I see you wanted stuff for FX and not effects. In that case Grace of Gloom is a go to fun set for me. I love turning into a living shadow.
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  • Brakkish
    It's Arcanist - anything you equip will be fun.
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  • MudcrabAttack
    Azureblight- repeatedly exploding clusters of enemies while beaming at them

    runecarver- flaming everything over and over while beaming

    Mad Tinkerer - For the fun category, which probably would make a tank angry, you could line every enemy up in a line by backing up slightly, then beam, everything gets knocked over by the bowling ball fabricant while you continue beaming away unimpeded
  • MerguezMan
    "Fun" sets (any class) :
    - shadow of the red mountain + plague slinger (volcano + disease volcano-like corpse)
    - hide of morihaus (roll ! roll ! roll !)
    - sithis' touch (fast overland farming)
    - mad tinkerer + icy conjurer (a bit chaotic, but why not)
    - overwhelming surge + iceheart (to become a living tornado - warning : can cause screen freezes)
    - rush of agony + merciless charge (assuming you like using stampede. a lot.)
    - most combinations of the above + random proc sets
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Mad Tinkerer would be soo fun solo but probably mess up tanks a bit in random dungeons. Pair any fun set with Deadly and you get the satisfaction of really powerful Fatecarvers—super fun to watch stuff melt with the book beam!

    Mother Ciannait gives you a cool blue shield bubble when you use a cast time ability, which includes Cephaliarch's Flail and Fatecarver, so you can be your own little mobile disco:

    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
  • LunaFlora
    the new arcanist class set Reawakened Hierophant has fun visual effects when you wear it
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  • Eleminwe
    Soul Shriven
    Judging by your signature you might enjoy the crows summoned by one of my favorite sets, Unfathomable Darkness.

    For green effects there's Thurvokun (green pool of poison under enemies), Kargaeda (whirlwind with green edge), Hagraven's Garden (green swirls), and Widowmaker (green ball of poison).
  • SickleCider
    Thank you, everyone! I'm really pleased that so many people are contributing! You've given me a lot of things to look at. A lot of these suggestions sound nuts. 🤣
    Eleminwe wrote: »
    Judging by your signature you might enjoy the crows summoned by one of my favorite sets, Unfathomable Darkness.

    [ . . . ]

    Hoo hoo, don't worry! I have a Blackfeather themed magsorc rocking this set. :D I put it on him just for the roleplay and the meme and found it's actually more effective than I would have expected! Not meta, but definitely usable.

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  • CameraBeardThePirate
    Azureblight is a fun set on Arcanist. With Fatecarver and Tide King/Languid Eye, Arcanist can proc Azureblight faster than any other class (and it's not particularly close). Makes for really fun trash pulls and it can absolutely delete groups in PvP if set up right.
  • Hapexamendios
    Not armor, but I like having the Galen wisp pet out with my arcanist. It matches a lot of the arcanist's effects.
  • jtm1018
    Deadly War Maiden Zahn.

    Just saying.
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  • Monte_Cristo
    It's not super strong or anything, but I've been using the Infernal Guardian monster set from City of Ash 1. It launches, what are basically fireballs, at enemies every time you use a damage shield ability, and since the Arcanist has so many abilities that give dmg shields, it launches often and it's kind of funny to see random mortar fireballs just randomly launched at any enemy nearby. They go in all sorts of directions lol.

    Edit: It's also one of the easier monster sets to obtain, as City of Ash 1 is pretty easy, especially in a group.

    I use that with a 2 hander using brawler. Swing and lob. swing and lob. Lots of fun.
  • OtarTheMad
    jtm1018 wrote: »
    Deadly War Maiden Zahn.

    Just saying.

    Such a fun combo, with Vateshran on the back bar. Fun times.

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