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New Master Crafting Stations Query

As a small guild we lost our crafting hall when that player left (we think they passed away but unsure of that), so we were looking forwards to the new master units so we could start to recreate a new crafting hall. I only realised today that guild members cannot send either the New Attunable Master Staions or the vouchers to buy them to the owner of the proposed new Crafting Hall. I can send the attunable base stations or writs only. And if I have them I cannot place them in her house either? So, how have you all managed this situation as I guess you all found this much earlier! Thanks in advance for suggestions and info, yes, I don't do housing personally hence why I ask those that do it super well. Please feel free to chuckle at my lack of knowledge.
  • Aislinna
    Your assessment of the situation is correct. You will need to send the attunable base stations and writs/materials to your new guild hall owner, who will need to have the achievement necessary to be able to buy the Attunable Master Stations.

  • kah
    Sending unattuned (and unbound) tables plus the writs are a great way to help (sending the tables specifically eliminates a ton of work!), but yup, unfortunately, the attuning and placing have to be done by the owner of the house. Gold and mats are usually a great help, too. (Getting our master tables cost me roughly 6 million gold in style motifs.) Also, note: once the tables are placed, the owner can allow you permission to move them around.
  • Firey_Hellhound
    Ok thanks both for the advice and info.

    Not entirely sure that ZoS meant to make it that difficult for everyone but hey, it is what it is.

    I will just buy attunables then and send in post.
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