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Endless Archive adds not dying when boss dies

Am i doing something wrong? Tho'at Replicanum, i think arc 2, when i kill the boss the add (ice atronach) doesn't die and then takes for freaking ever to die.

why is the add so much harder to kill than the boss, and why doesn't the add disappear when the boss dies? it's seriously boring just chasing the atronach around.
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  • Braffin
    The ice atronach isn't an add. It's the form of Thoat in Arc 2.

    You have to kill the big guy you already know from Arc 1 and the ice atro to defeat the whole boss.

    Don't worry tho, I also was a little surprised by this move when I first encountered him.
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  • Kisakee
    In arc 3 you'll get a third boss after and in arc 4 a fourth one. After that it's simply getting harder each time.
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