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New character, different alliance

How bad is the idea of making a new character with different alliance? Will I lose significant benefits? I know I won't be able to join my original guild if alliance is different but apart from that, in terms of pve/pvp, what else will I miss?
My idea is I want to boost alternative character as much as possible (exploiting my main character's achievements).
  • LunaFlora
    the only thing you will miss is playing with people from whichever alliance this character isn't in pvp.
    alliances only matter in cyrodiil and imperial city.

    the other stuff it affects is prologue quest locations sometimes, harbourage quest locations, and messages through tamriel location.

    no benefits you lose.
    you can join any guild.

    having characters in different alliances is useful if you want to find the ebonheart pact, daggerfall, and aldmeri dominion motifs in cyrodiil and imperial city without needing to pay gold for them in guild stores.
    as you can find your alliance's motif from treasure chests and whitestrake's mayhem rewards.
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  • Danikat
    I've got characters in all 3 alliances and I can't think of anything you lose or miss out on by doing that.

    Guild membership is for your account: all your characters are always in all the same guilds. It's only a problem if you're in a strict PvP or role-playing guild that requires all members to be in the same alliance, but even if that's the case talk to them first: they might allow it if you don't PvP or join guild activities on that character.

    Of course you won't be able to join PvP groups for a different alliance, but that just means you'll need to switch characters if you want to PvP with people in your current one. Other than that it just means a few story things are different: the Harbourage will be in a different place and the main story will involve some different characters, if you get bitten by an NPC werewolf or vampire you'll need to go to your home alliance's map to start the quest. But you can still go to all 3 alliances areas whenever you want.
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