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I'm looking for a crafter.

I'm looking for a crafter who can craft druid's braid gear set pieces for me. Here are the specifics:

- All 7 pieces are to be heavy armor.
- Greatsword.
- One ring and a necklace.
- These 10 items in overall need to provide as much damage resistance as possible. I need these items to make my character tanky.
- All of these items need to be made with the Ebonheart Pact style only.
-Aside from the enchantments, these items can be normal quality, because i need the final price as cheap as possible. I can just upgrade them later.

I apologize if the information that i have given are not specific enough, but i am a casual player.

You can reach to me however you wish. Thanks in advance.
  • Bobargus
    I play on PC-EU

    My character's name is Bob Xotli.
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