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What is the purpose of Sortuuya?

What is the deal with the character Sortuuya who hangs outside the Summerset crafting hall? Why is he even there? Is he part of a quest I am missing? Is he just there to go on about how depressed he is and how much he wants to end his life?

If so then how incredibly grim ZOS. Sincerely hope no one who passes him frequently has lost anyone to suicide. As he does go on rather a lot.

Still I would like to know what his story is. What is the point of him please ZOS? Is he some kind of in game psychology research into how many players just blade of woe him out of annoyance or because they genuinely want to end his suffering?


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  • phaneub17_ESO
    Any NPC that is crucial to a quest are always green, can't be killed, so at the very least they can be a DB kill target.
  • notyuu
    Not every NPC needs to serve a function you know, they are merely there for flavour as it were
    Any NPC that is crucial to a quest are always green

    The heck you mean "green" ?
  • Soarora
    He is just a depressed crafter. I wish there was more to him, he’s my favorite useless NPC. Even have drawn him once. I do not find his dialogue to be triggering (as someone with related triggers) but rather just sad. I wish we could help him though…
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