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Help with fishing

At this point there Is a few methods to improve fishing.

Can someone give me a quick comprehensive of everything I can do to improve the experience.

For reference I'd like to fish in summerset for the coral and pyandonean bottles.

Thank you in advance <3<3<3
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  • tincanman
    • cp green stars (reel technique, angler's instincts)
    • artaeum pickled fish bowl (recipe that acts like you're fishing with someone else, i.e. more chance for special fish)
    • fishing in groups (for special fish)
    If you're fishing for perfect roe then no buffs other than speed (reel technique green cp star) so you get more ordinary fish.

    For the extras in summerset then I think the above list should optimise chances, although, to be honest, I'm not sure if the pyandonean bottles have separate drop chances.
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  • JavaRen
    Sharp as Night's companion perk is helpful for all fishing. It reduces the time to catch each fish and causes some "bait" results to instead be trophy fish.
  • Remathilis
    Is there a difference in bait? Every type of fishing hole has two baits, is there any difference between the two?;
  • SeaGtGruff
    I don't think so. One type is the bait you harvest from bugs and plants, while the other type is the bait you sometimes catch while fishing, but I don't think it makes any difference which type you use as far as your chances to catch rare fish, find wet gunny sacks, and so forth.
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  • JavaRen
    As long as you use one of the proper bait types for the spot you have the same odds.
  • Twohothardware
    I’d be interested in knowing what increases the drop chance for pyandonean bottles specifically.
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