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Is it better to do new content (Necrom) on a max level or while leveling up?

I have a couple max level characters but I also have a low level 5 Arcanist and a 22 Necromacer who I seem to almost enjoy more than my mains. In this case an Arcansit makes a ton of sense..

But Ive always felt that with new expansions you want to get the new gear at max level.

What do you usually do?

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  • EdjeSwift
    I just go through overland content with whomever is fun, gear level is mostly irrelevant thank to the sticker book, plus if it's a new zone, the guild traders are going to be rife with offers given the flood of players in the zone.

    If a new set is a must have maybe I'll use a higher level character to grind up the dailies or chests, but for the most part overland content isn't that difficult, especially if you have CP to back your characters.
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  • Grizzbeorn
    I've done it both ways.

    Greymoor and Markarth I did on my max-level main.
    For High Isle and Telvanni, I created new characters for each.

    All the other stuff I've done with a mix (max, mid-level, new).
      PC/NA Warden Main
    • tsaescishoeshiner
      Gear isn't really a reason imo. Any overland gear you get, you can buy for cheap, or continue to farm at max level. Plus, you get more gear from doing dailies than from the questline.
      in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
    • Zodiarkslayer
      The game scales your enemies to your level. So there is litterally no difference.
      It is so ever since One Tamriel, if I am not mistaken. 🤔 Can't say for sure. Wasn't around back then.

      Questing in ESO is worthless and a waste of time, if you don't do it for the story experience. Which is good, by the way.

      Proquestinating is what I call it. 😉
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    • KlauthWarthog
      The gear drops do not matter. You are not likely to get the piece you need with the trait you want.
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    • spartaxoxo
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    • TaSheen
      Some of each - though I haven't actually started the zone quest line yet, so that's a statement regarding at this point the older zones.

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    • SimonThesis
      I tend to do dlc content on max level toons, because otherwise mobs tend to be more time consuming which is a pleasant change of pace and gear you find is already max level. Then I run new toons through my favorite zones and XP zones etc.
    • chessalavakia_ESO
      I usually do them on a new character but, I would note that will mean you'll need help on World Bosses and if your character is on the weaker side you might die a bit in the story and on some of the Public Dungeon bosses especially if you aren't running a companion.
    • LunaFlora
      i do new content with my main character but you can do it on new content, it doesn't really matter.

      i just want my achievements to be earned by my main character and since i've done all the other zone stories with her there's extra dialogue with recurring characters like Naryu.

      you can get overland gear at whichever level and collect it and reconstruct it on any other character.

      and doing the Necrom story with an arcanist doesn't make more sense than a warden or any other class.

      as far as i know only Azandar has extra dialogue for arcanists, who is not in the zone story.
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