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Are there any quests in ESO that follow a bit of what is said from here: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Pyandonea

One of the only glimpses into the actual landscape of Pyandonea came in 2E 486, when a small Maormeri fleet was sighted off the coast of Alinor and King Hidellith ordered his navy to give chase. The navy followed the ships through uncharted waters and were ambushed at Pyandonea itself. Most of the fleet was destroyed, but several warships returned to Summerset. They described Pyandonea as a "sea jungle" barraged by mist storms. Massive plateaus spill over with vegetation which form mazes around valleys of ocean. Waving tendrils of kelp trap all but the Maormer's own ships, and provide a well-camouflaged home for the sea serpents that are Orgnum's guards and occasional mounts.[2] Pyandonea has "breeding pits".[UOL 1] Yew is one of the more common trees in the Pyandonea and is typically used in crafting bows.[12] Pyandonean swallowtails are butterflies believed to originate from Pyandonea.[13]

In 2E 582, Green Lady Finoriell swam to Pyandonea, seeking vengeance for the murder of Silvenar Edhelorn on Khenarthi's Roost. She killed the Maormer indiscriminately until she was spent. As she lay dying atop the highest sea-tower, the Sea Elves' greatest warrior came to claim her head as a trophy. Instead, she grabbed him and threw herself to the waves far below.[14]
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