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which two start sets to go with for mage character (magplar)for grinding out end game gear?

hi, im having a bit of headache deciding on which two gear sets to go with just to get me started on grinding out future end game gear.

Iv seen julianos, orders wrath, crafty alfiq, mothers sorrow and list goes on and on, which two sets are a good start with just build a base ready for grinding out better gear from dungeons and open world grinds ect...

was thinking julianos and magnus to start with but again just want to know what others recommend. I am over cp 160 btw too
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  • AcadianPaladin
    Can't go wrong with Julianos + Mother's Sorrow. Easy to get and quite effective.

    PC NA(no Steam), PvE, mostly solo
  • JavaRen
    If you only have crafted options I'd go juli and order's wrath. If sustain is rough then magnus instead of order. If you use an overland set then mothers sorrow, in place of julianos.
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  • Soarora
    I would guess deadly (guild traders) + orders wrath (crafted) if you can obtain them.
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  • UsualSurrender
    Can't go wrong with Deadly Strike + any decent light armor set, whichever you may already have.
    If you're grinding and not doing end game content yet, and if you are quite new to the game, don't give yourself a headache over this, really.
    Sets are not that important at this stage. Select and try out your skills, practice your rotation, grind your gear, and learn along the way. That matters the most.
  • WrathOfInnos
    Kvatch Gladiator is the best crafted set for Magplar. Deadly Strikes is the best set you can purchase in guild stores. Combine those 2 and your beams will hit hard. Eventually replace Gladiator with a trial set like Whorl of the Depths for the Minor Slayer.
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  • Wilkesy91
    Thanks for guidance peeps, will have a look. Looking like Deadly striker and Julianos or mothers sorrow.
  • ghastley
    Mothers Sorrow as a weapon/jewels set has the advantage of a guarnteed lightning staff quest reward. The dolmen circuit to gather the jewels is easy, with two of the dolmens clode to wayshrines. Then craft the other set of your choice.
  • Zodiarkslayer
    Deadly Strike and Order's Wrath is good until you do vet content and need a Trial set.

    Just make sure to have a good balance of armor weights. I use two medium and five light.
    The better your sustain is, the more medium pieces you can wear for more damage.
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