PlayStation Patch Notes v2.49/1.31

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The Elder Scrolls Online v2.49 (PS4) / v1.31 (PS5) includes fixes for Mundus Stone effects periodically being removed from your character, the Cleansing Revival Champion star, Enervating Aura PvP item set, Cyrodiil leaderboards not updating, and more. Please make sure to note the temporary change we needed to make to Inferno and Ice Staff Heavy Attacks, explained below. The size of this patch is approximately 37GB for PS4 and 536MB for PS5.


  • Abilities that vary in cost mechanics will now show their proper cost mechanic, even if the skill is not yet learned or slotted, to lessen any confusion around what the ability will cost before you slot it onto your bar. This change covers the following abilities:
    • Runeblades
    • Fatecarver
    • The Imperfect Ring
    • Runemend
    • Remedy Cascade
    • Chakram Shields
  • Fixed an issue where some conditional requirements that checked when you healed a target under a certain threshold could bypass the health threshold restriction, such as Cleansing Revival triggering on targets above 25% Health.
  • Fixed an issue where Mundus Stone effects could be removed from your character when dead during a load screen.
  • Adjusted Inferno and Ice Staff Heavy Attacks to temporarily make them un-reflectable to prevent health desyncs while a longer-term solution is found and tested.
    Developer Comment:
    Due to the ease of reproduction of the health desyncs we're seeing from these attacks, we're moving forward with a temporary solution until we can find and test a proper solution for them. After a solution has been found and properly given time to test, we'll revert this change in tandem with the fix.

  • Cleansing Revival: Fixed an issue where this node could proc off other procs.

  • You can no longer acquire weapons for the Marksman's Crest item set other than Bows from all sources, as originally intended.

PvP Sets
  • Enervating Aura: Fixed an issue where this set could sometimes cause the game to crash when it activated.


Sanity’s Edge Trial
  • Frost Bomb is far less likely to pick tanks to be targeted during the fight with Exarchanic Yaseyla.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not access an Antiquities Lead/Harvest Node near the Old Sailenmora Outpost.


  • Fixed various issues that could affect the processing and updating of Cyrodiil leaderboards.

  • Fixed an issue where group mount passengers could be seen riding on the ground without a visible mount.

  • Gold Coast Experience Scrolls will now consistently stack with identical-appearing Gold Coast Experience Scrolls.
  • Fixed an issue where the Passion Dancer’s Attire costume was erroneously referred to as a skin in some tooltips.

  • Updated the text from Endeavors that involve Event Ticket to clarify you must earn Event Tickets (not obtain them via the Crown Store).

  • Fixed several holes appearing on the "Dark Elf Tent, Multiroom" furnishing.
  • The texture of the "Statue, Hermaeus Mora" furnishing is now a higher resolution.

  • Fixed an issue where Zone Guide and Map Completion would get confused if you completed Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild stories faster than their previous rank requirements asked of you.

  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when attempting to create a new character.
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