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Anyone else struggling to get the Nonreactive Cincture Lead (Esoteric Environment Greaves )?

Soul Shriven

I've been farming the first Secret Boss in Graven Deep for around a week now, killing it a few times then changing character, then killing it a few times and so on... Still no lead drop :'(:'(

I've even tried killing the 1st secret boss then killing the Euphotic Gatekeeper and then killing the 2nd secret boss a few times a day but still no lead :'(

It's obviously quicker to run as a group but no one wants to do the secret bosses or people just leave as soon as your port in (dungeon finder pug)

I still need the lead from CA aswell :D:#

Very Frustrating especially when I see people saying they got the lead first time lol (and no I don't already have the lead)

So anyway the point of this was to ask if anyone wants to group up and run normal Graven Deep and/or Coral Aerie on PC NA?

ig: @OccultNerd

Just send me a friend req, I can go DPS or Healer

Thanks :)

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  • Necrotech_Master
    graven deep is definitely more efficient to farm at least with another player in the group so you can do quick instance resets

    the difficulty toggle reset method only works instantly if you are in a group, if you are solo it does not work and you have to wait like 15 min for the instance to reset (or changing characters such as what your doing)

    it took me about 3-4 tries to get the graven deep lead, and 6 tries for the coral aerie lead

    i will say the coral aerie one is very slow unless you go with a full group

    i wouldnt mind helping if im not busy doing anything else
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
  • USarmydrew09
    I have been in here close thirty times without the lead dropping. This is complete B s It's the last piece I need and I'll be at it for weeks.
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