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Is oakensorc dead now?

Console player just trying to play ahead. We pve out of necessity, not for joy, so the oakensorc was convenient to farm gear for pvp. With the new update is it dead or just slightly nerfed?

Thank you in advance
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  • neo7185
    preevious wrote: »
    Not really much of a difference.
    Less AOE, that's for sure, but the last tick of HA hits like a freight train, and that one is AOE.
    I still use the build, and I still perform very well.

    Thank you for the feedback. Been playing for 7 years now, I'm all in for lazy pve lol
  • preevious
    No worries.
    You'll notice the lack of damage on surrounding mobs during the chanel. But the last tick almost make up for it.

    (though if the mob dies before the last tick, no AOE at all)
  • SpacemanSpiff1
    yes. so ded.
  • madman65
    I have played around with Noble Duelist and got better results just that you have to be in melee range, that`s the only bad.
  • Kartalin
    I was farming some gear in a relatively easy dungeon (normal crypt of hearts 1) and alternated between my stamarc oakenbeam setup and my magsorc oaken heavy attack setup, and both performed about as well. I feel like the arc did a little better on trash pulls, while the sorc did a little better on bosses. Which I guess is about what you'd expect based on the changes.
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  • Melivar
    In my weekly trial group on an oaken sorc this past Friday I noticed the AOE hit on big add pulls but the single target was better and my DPS from prior to the patch the week before was +/- 2K from the same trials depending on the boss and I was still 2nd overall for my group both weeks. This is a for fun group that is certainly not optimized.

    I haven't been into MA or Vat yet to see how that fair's but I am not worried overall with what I saw in this weeks trial.
  • SeveN085
    Depends on the player. Single target damage was always lower, but now that aoe damage was gutted there's no more advantages compared to 2 bar builds other than just survivability(sustain+mitigation). You have to heavy attack each mob one by one now, so it takes more time to clear stuff. For people that can't hit ~90k with 2 bar builds it will remain playable. High end players moved onto arcanist as it has even stronger cleave than pre nerf oakensorc while also having same single target damage as traditional 2 bar builds. If someone's highest dps character is oakensorc, due to issues with weaving, bar swapping, disabilities etc. they will still do fine. For those that hit 110, 120 or 130k, oakensorc doesn't offer anything interesting anymore. Especially after arcanist release.
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