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How can I keep up in dungeons when stamina classes race ahead and im on my magicka healer?

I have to farm gear and the rng is the point im cl9se to hitting mental burnout. Pleae dont tell me to not farm gear cos of this and that....the rng for gear in trials is far better than the dungeon rng by a mile.

Please zos can you fix this.
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  • Soarora
    To answer your title: use celerity CP (slottable) and reduce sprint cost CP (passive). Out of combat I can race ahead of the entire group, on a tank... so you should be good.

    To respond to your post: you should probably actually take a break... for two reasons. One, so you don't burn out and two, undaunted event is coming up. If ZOS continues the trend from last event, dungeons will have double drops and you will have to do 1/2 the runs. Also, there's nothing to fix. RNG for dungeons is better than trials because dungeons have 3 sets and trials have 4. There's no weighted system except that you won't get something you already have from bosses.
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  • Hapexamendios
    I don't. If the run ahead, I'll either catch up or get pulled into the next boss fight.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • Hotdog_23
    Try the Thrill of the hunt in the red CP tree. It is a slottable you must have on one of your 4 active skills. Helps you get a quick start on moving to the next target after a fight.

    Thrill of the Hunt - Whenever you kill an enemy you gain Major Expedition for 3 seconds per stage, increasing your Movement Speed by 30% for 25 CP and at 50CP you get 6 seconds of major expedition.

    Stay safe :)
  • Groterdan
    That's odd on a mag char you don't use stam for combat you should have loads of stam to sprint . Swap to tri food for more stam.
  • boi_anachronism_
    If you have access you can also run ring on the wild hunt. Gives you a great speed boost. Alternatively if you are on a mag nb for example slot concealed weapon and run twisting path. That will get you plenty fast :smile:
  • Zodiarkslayer
    Major/Minor Expedition, ofc. And other speed buffs. Depending on class and access (psijjic rank 6, for example), your milage may vary.
    I use this as reference:
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  • XxCaLxX
    With medium armor and celerity your normal speed should be pretty similar to that of a mag(light armor) player sprinting.
  • Dimski
    Odd. I am the stamina player and I am usually the one who's lagging because I won't hit the sprint button to save on stamina. It's the mag classes who are usually running ahead.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i dont chase speedsters, if they run ahead and die not my problem

    if im on a tank and someone is being a speedster, i will even deliberately not taunt the boss if i get pulled in

    speeding a dungeon is not OK unless everyone agreed to it beforehand
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  • El_Borracho
    Ha, I get upset when I'm on my stamina Arcanist and someone runs without alerting the group first. Yay, I get to waste my damage resource by sprinting through the mob of adds you pulled and have nothing left for the fight
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