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To be fair, we need more anti-playstyle pot types (nerf detect pot, and cloak)

With how detect pot works to help "counterplay"(I refer to this kind of thing as antiplay) the stealthy playstyle, I think it would be fair to offer this same measure of counterplay to other playstyles via new potion effects. For example, to counter the bruiser playstyle which builds super high damage but then has insane healing, we need a potion that reduces healing taken by 80% for all enemies within 20 meters. For the evasive movespeed playstyle we need a potion that reduces movespeed by 40% to all enemies within 20 meters and prevents snare removal of any kind. For ballgroups a potion that causes all enemies within 40 meters to take 1k oblivion damage every second, multiplied by the amount of allies they have within 20 meters of them.

These effects are all comparable with how they effect their target playstyles to how the detect pot effects it's target playstyle. So, do we need these effects? Or, quite possibly, do we need to nerf the heeeck out of detect pot and solve the overperforming nature of stealth via some other mechanic, such as ramping cloak cost?

P.S. I am not actually asking for these potion effects, they are meant to highlight the overpowered nature of detect pot by comparison.
Edited by JerBearESO on August 8, 2023 8:38PM
  • Jierdanit
    Fitting for an overpowered skill like cloak to have an "overpowered" (it isnt) counterplay.
    Edited by Jierdanit on August 7, 2023 10:24PM
    PC/EU, StamSorc Main
  • JerBearESO
    Jierdanit wrote: »
    Fitting for an overpowered skill like cloak to have an "overpowered" (it isnt) counterplay.

    But solving overpowered with overpowered isn't really a good way of doing things. That's the point. It's better to bring cloak down a notch and bring detect pot down a notch to match than to leave it OP "solved" with OP.

    In most cases if detect pot is popped the stealth blade dies. Not necessarily with more bruiser sided stealth setups, but those are simply built to survive. The true stealth playstyle is essentially REMOVED by any enemy running detect pot in most cases.

    Better to have a slight detect advantage potion vs a toned down stealth ability than I stealth removal potion vs an otherwise unreasonable stealth ability.

    By current design, if you don't have detection vs a stealth blade, your either already dead or a tank. If you do, the stealth blade is missing their playstyle and an ability slot from their kit. This is unhealthy
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