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Dungeon feedback and something else

Moon hunter's keep:
I honestly like doing this dungeon on veteran difficulty because it has interesting mechanics and it's full of werewolves.

I've been wanting to do this one for months and finally it showed up on random veteran dungeon queue.

The werewolves are so amazing and have different appearance along with the setting in some kind of town in Reapers March that reminds me of a combination of world of warcraft's Gilneas and The Barrens zone. Very interesting dungeon.

Also there is this one boss that has several brightly colored spells and the mechanics are like a matching mini game puzzle. I enjoy all dungeons especially the werewolf one.

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Bright colors in the game:
I like to look at stuff that's brightly colored, glowing, sparkling, and shiny in the game.

There are lots of stuff that contains those like certain npc spells, dyes, dungeon environments, shards, and lighting effects.

Why not add in more...

If I could dye my character's hair, clothes, body/face markings, and adornments of many vibrant colors; then that would be amazing like in guild wars 2. Also the option to make my character's eyes to be any existing color in the world would be awesome too.

Iridescent texture effects, gradients, and some more glowing or sparkles for skins, costumes, and spells; as a suggestion.

It's ok if there are some players that don't prefer vibrant and brightly colored stuff. It will all be optional based on customization for character and the in game settings. It's only a suggestion.
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    On the create a new discussion page, I forgot to change the category. I was going to post something about the lore and then I started to write something else. I made a post about the moon hunter keep dungeon and I wanted to make a suggestion, but, I couldn't decide. I made it into one post.
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