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Is it true from the book The Everscriven Tome


that Hermaeus Mora at some point in time gave Xarxes the Altmer ancestry tree?
  • prof-dracko
    In this case Xarxes IS the One Who Watches. We know he wrote the Oghma Infinium, which explicitly only contains what he learned from Mora but that's as far as their connection goes. As Scribe of the Divines and a servant of Auri-el, he uses his own observation to record the lineages of the Altmer.
  • Eporem
    thank you @prof-dracko I now wonder of this..:)


    could this be the Oghma Infinium - the secrets in this book not to become known..

    shown in this video

    Edited by Eporem on August 8, 2023 6:29PM
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