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Server Performance Differences

Okay so maybe i'm seeing stuff but have anyone else noticed that your fps is better on other servers? So i'm in South Africa and tested the servers, I've been on NA since 2022 and only since the EGS giveaway,i redownloaded the game, I've noticed my fps on NA is around 30-40 and the EU being 50-60? Seems a bit strange performance and frames would be smoother and not just better lag?
  • wilykcat
    Fps is frames per second. That fps increase or decrease performance
    is based on your computer's hardware such as graphics card and drivers. It's basically the animation quality of the game.

    Latency is based on the computer's connection to the server. It's a number based on the time of how long the computer and the server communicate with each other.

    When having fps drops then check your computer's hardware and drivers. Make sure hardware is compatible and check graphics driver for updates. Another way to fix fps reduction is to go into the game's graphics settings and disable or reduce certain ones that affect performance.

    If it's a latency issue then check your internet connection and close out other apps including the ones running in background.

    Also as a suggestion, make sure your connected to the closest server based on your location to also help reduce latency.

    If none work then reboot your computer and contact customer support. They can provide more information on this.
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  • Tomasius
    Hi @Napalm_Death32,

    The short story is that in MMOs, predominant player culture can and does have an impact on a surprising number of things; including tic rate and client rendering rates (and in alpha test versions, >:) server stability >:) )

    Now, for the long story.
    Once upon a time.... Zzzzzzzzz

    My frame rate's locked to 100. If it dipped below 100, I missed it but it'll be somewhere in 280+ hours of video! I'm connecting from Australia so NA ping's typically around 240-260 mark although my personal best is 999+

    Sadly, the 999+ moment didn't last long enough for me to break anything! >:)

    So, bearing in mind that frame rate can be impacted by latency - especially when rendering assets under server authority; in which case it has to wait for server confirmation before the next frame can be rendered - I don't think this is the case here or my frame rate wouldn't be locked to the cap and we'd be seeing similar per capita drops in frame rate.

    I play in another game where there are different server regions (Europe, United States, Australia and Asia) and, well, to say the least: there is a definite cultural impact on gameplay (more shenanigans on the U.S. server shards and more 'orderliness' to gameplay on the European server shards, for example). Ping dictates the server regions which players play in and, well, players bring their culture with them.

    For example, in that other game I play, U.S. server shards tend to be more prone to instability - not because there's any network curse in play but because, in a statistically significant sense, U.S. players are doing more things which that game's netcode isn't designed to handle. As you can imagine, once tick rate gets low enough, frames begin to tank wherever there are interactions that are heavily governed by server authority.

    What players do and how they dress up their characters and character assets can have a big impact on rendering when enough of them are doing it. If, for example, the game doesn't pre-load all of the character assets for other players (and you know when it preloads every other player on the server shard because it makes loading take a loooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg time), then a lot of "just in time" or rather, last minute rendering gets dumped into the PCIe lanes (very limited on Intel boxes) and this can result in a performance drop.

    And, of course, what players do and how they dress up their characters is heavily influenced by culture. Presently, I've been kicking around on the NA "megaserver" and, well, I'm seeing a lot of tinsel textures and special effects. It's very pretty and it makes it hilariously easy to make my character blend in with the NPCs! But, I imagine that somewhere in the works, there's a rendering cost and I bet I'd be able to see it if I loaded the game on a different test box.
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    Ex dubium scientia.
    From doubt [comes] knowledge
  • ghastley
    Client side performance is going to depend on how much work the CPU and GPU are given, and a major factor is the population of other players. More things changing, more work, less performance. So being on a server in its slack times will be better than the other server when it’s busy.

    A laggy connection can actually improve your fps, as changes arrive at a reduced rate. The downside is having to react to things you haven’t seen yet. But your dying animation can be really smooth!
  • wilykcat

    Also this article helps explain this issue, what it does, and how to fix it.
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  • Napalm_Death32
    wilykcat wrote: »

    Also this article helps explain this issue, what it does, and how to fix it.

    Yeah i got them mixed up, never been much of a mmo player
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