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Question: is there a point to levelling skills beyond morph?

Levelling a new character which is (I think) my 4th in as many months. Doing the Alik’r dolmen route and it’s tedious, as you all probably know

Once you morph a skill, is there any point to continuing to level them up? I understand some skills will say in their tooltip that levelling them will give them a reduced cost but what about the others?

Some skills like warhorn, orbs and blood alter take forever to level so I was wondering if I should continue grinding these dolmens until they’re all level 4 or move onto another skill.

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  • Treeshka
    Some skill do get more damage and some of them get reduced cost or increased dot time or increased effect time. For example Aggressive Horn gets its Major Force time increased as it levels up.

    If you ask me, while levelling a new character levelling skills to morphable is enough. Since you will need to morph a lot skills for a build. Once you morph all the needed skills you can focus on levelling up morphed ones.
  • ZOS_Icy

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  • Jierdanit
    Every skill gets something until you get the morph to max level as well.
    Some get more damage, longer time, cheaper cost, etc.

    Unless you have a very specific build you want to play in mind already I would agree with the post above that it's a better idea to just get the skills morphed first and the look at leveling the morphs once you know what you want to play.
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  • Poss
    Ok thanks guys I’ll do just that 👍
  • Danikat
    Admittedly I'm not a power-leveller, but my usual approach is to unlock and level all the skills until they can be morphed, but only actually morph the ones I want to use. Since I'm using them I don't need to think about levelling them up after that, it will happen naturally.

    There's no point levelling them fully unless you're going to use them, but getting them to the point where they can be morphed makes it quicker to swap them around later.
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  • LunaFlora
    using them
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