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Green CP Tree "CutPurse's Art "Pickpocketing"

Increase the Chance to get Higher colored Loot while Pickpocketing. Does anyone know if this raises the chance of getting Zeal Boxes? I have almost completed the weekly endeavor and only have prob gotten 4 boxes max. Was thinking of pouring points into this if it helped?
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  • rpa
    I do not know, but I think not. The parcels are extra loot like Ember's wallets. If you get one you get to pick your victim one more time for the regular drop. When I did the endeavor I actually got both from same npc for total of 5 picks until she was empty and ready for BoW. (And no I do not have cp in pickpocketing perk.)
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  • BretonMage
    I have not seen any difference to event box drop rate with or without the perk equipped.
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