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Can you return to the Ayleid portal realm in Murkmire after completing its quest?

I'm questing through Murkmire and am doing "The Remant of Argon", in which you enter some beautiful Ayleid ruins and even enter a realm made of portals. I'm a huuuge fan of Ayleids and would love to visit this place regularly, as well as the ruins associated with this quest.

Is the portal zone locked once the quest is complete? If that's the case I'll just never complete the quest, as I've already done the same with the Fighter's Guild questline. I'd like to be able to come back to this area whenever I want post-questline completion.
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Best Answer

  • Jaimeh
    No sadly you can't go through the second Nexus gate and go back to that area once you complete the quest, which is a pity because it's indeed one of the most amazing places in the game. You can always unlock the area on an alt character though and not complete it on them, so that way you finish the story on your main.
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