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Can't decon items bought from guild store?

I would have thought this would have come up before but can't find a thread.

I wasn't paying attention recently at a guild trader and bought a couple of too-good-to-be-true bargains - some purple rings. Of course when something seems to good to be true.... once I got them in my inventory I realised they were lower level.

After the initially cursing, I thought, no problem, I'll just use my crafter toon and at least recover a zircon grain or two, but no. When I went to the crafting station they won't show up to be deconned. This can't be intentional? a bug?

Once an item is bound, either on pickup or on equip, you can't sell it, but I've never (knowingly anyway) had an item I couldn't decon?

I have "include banked items" ticked always but FWIW I tried with items in char inventory and in bank and "banked items" ticked and unticked but it made no difference. I equipped them and unequipped in case that made a diff, but all combos of these details had the same effect. So now I have purple rings (given - lower level) that I can't sell in guild store and can't decon?! I haven't tried but I can't possibly sell to a merchant (for about 5 gold!) but surely the game can't be designed this way....

Any light shed greatly appreciated

  • LunaFlora
    i am guessing these are Exemplary as they're only for researching
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  • stewg73
    OMG. Just ignore me. Yes, after a good night's sleep, it's completely clear now!

    Thank you
  • Necrotech_Master
    the only other possible thing that could possible fall into this category is jewelry that was bind on equip that was still tradeable, that was obtained before summerset chapter was released

    all jewelry pre-summerset was marked as not-deconstructible
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