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On ESOUI, it says that this file needs to be enabled thru the Ingame Addon Manager. I have it working on 4 toons but on my most recent 2 (both tanks, so have not noted it until now), it is not enabled. I cannot find any reference on how to enable it.


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  • Bitter_Apple21
    Yup, there was simply a section on the Addons screen further down i.e. scroll down, that had the other lib type files. One of them was Combatmetricsflightdata, and it was simply not selected for the two characters.

    Everything is working now.
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  • Bitter_Apple21
    Think I found something. There is a libcombat file that seems to be needed for the COMBATMETRICSFLIGHTDATA dependancy. Will try that on the computer of interest. I just do not know why it would be working for 4 toons, but not the two new ones...
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