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Slider character

Soul Shriven
Can anyone share with me sliders similar to these images?
looking for a second day
beg u
  • Tomasius
    All my character slots are currently loaded but I can tell from the pictures that these are two completely different characters with different slider presets. Good news for you is you can pick the aspects of both you like best and apply the slider accordingly.

    The eyes are the first tell. Elf-kind. You'll have top click each colour to find it because the colour of the eyes never matches the colour of the UI. Top picture has a low eye angle and bottom picture has a medium to high eye angle. The face looks like it's on the angular side of the triangle but, you know elves - it's probably somewhere a bit more in-between.

    Based on the skin, I'd say you're looking at a Wood-elf. The two skin-tone rows are for ruddy complexion variants top row and regular complexion bottom row. The top picture is on the left end of the top row and the bottom picture looks like somewhere on the left end of the bottom row.

    Watch the chin and compare as you move the triangle slider around between soft, angular and heroic. I'm guessing her facial shape is somewhere in the soft corner but it could be a trick of the complexion so best to match that up first.

    Both seem to have a big jaw with medium cheekbones.

    Medium width and size nose - and whatever angles the nose (don't remember what it's called) leave that in the middle.

    Eyebrows on the top picture have a high skew and no skew on the bottom picture. There's as close to an unmodified eyebrow as this game has in the eyebrow selector (you'll know it when you see it) and that's the bottom picture. Top picture looks like a straight up manicured eyebrow - plucked into a line. There's also only one of those and you'll know it when you see it.

    The hair styles are both separate items from the crown shop and the tattoos (also different for each) look like something from the Endeavour shop.

    Don't hesitate to fiddle. You'd be surprised how readily you can introduce minor changes that make a face-build more impacting - and it's your character so it matters most that it's impacting for you.

    When I build characters:
    1. I build them without gear in the character customiser (later matching apparel to character instead of vice-versa) and this gives me a better sense of skin complexion and texture - which needs to line up with features in order to make a character seem less cartoony.
    2. The character genders, although distinguishable in-game, are prone to be a little ambiguous to eyes that have spent all day IRL. On both male and female characters, the rump looks anorexic to mild starvation syndrome at maximum size. Hips, chest, and torso need good contrast with waist and belly for a female character not to look ambiguous in profile. It's worth building a few variations, running them around and getting a feel for how they look when orbiting with the cinematic / third-person camera. Take note of the things you don't like and look closely to see which features are contributing to the effect. Then, delete the character and rebuild.
    3. I hit the facial triangle slider twice. First to establish a broad facial outline shape. Then I come back to the face, after I've finished and locked up all the other facial features, and tweak the face so that it lines up with the features and gender.
    4. As for the other features, if in doubt, I leave them in the middle and unlocked so I can revisit them after setting features I'm sure of. Once I have the features, I'm certain of, locked; it's just a matter of tweaking the other features for best fit with what I've set.

    Anyways, I hope this helps....
    Ex dubium scientia.
    From doubt [comes] knowledge
  • Meowself
    Soul Shriven
    @Tomasius Thank so much for ur time, this is good advice for creating my own character
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