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[FANON] the invention that brought the kingdoms together

i just want to clarify here to start off that this is fanon lore based on canon events that havent been touched on much officially.
secondly i came up with this headcanon before playing eso where i learned the proper pronunciation for Anequina. i know that in-game its pronounced like ah-neck-kwin-ah but when i created this i was pronouncing it like an-ah-keen-ah.

in 2E 309 times were changing in the kingdoms of Anequina and Pellitine. King Kiergo of Anequina and Queen Eshita of Pellitine were getting married to unite their two kingdoms into one by the name of Elsweyr. such a momentous occasion calls for a momentous wedding!

wedding planners from both kingdoms worked together on how to make this wedding a spectacle of the era. meticulously fussing over details such as flowers, food, and guests. one little detail brought about an interesting invention. the planners wondered how Kiergo and Eshita would arrive to their wedding and so they got to work.

on the day of wedding everyone waited with bated breath for the arrival of the bride and groom and when they arrived everyone was stunned. they were brought in while seated in a large wooden box with large open windows shaded with flowing curtains, the wood was carved with intricate floral designs and polished to a gleam. not only were their vessels dazzling but the way it was moved was more extraordinary. the windowed boxes were hoisted by poles onto the shoulders of massive pahmar-raht khajiit! the king and queen were carried with ease to their wedding upon the backs of their strongest pahmar-raht body guards.

after this brilliant wedding that would shape history forever more the wedding planners new this invention would need a name. what better name than one which combines the name of the kingdoms? this new vehicle was named the pellinquin after Pellitine and Anquina. the pellinquin was incredibly popular amongst southern nobility and northern chiefs as a grand show of wealth and power. it wasnt long until neighbouring imperials discovered this and over time they corrupted the name into palanquin.

ive had this headcanon for years now and i think its really adorable, even if it requires anequina to be mispronounced. ive wanted to share it for a while now. if any tes fans want to use this its free but please give credit. i might even share some more of my headcanons if this doesnt go over atrociously terrible
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