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Gold Making tips - 2023

So I’m a returning player, and am part of 3 trading guilds. I’ve made a decent chunk of money selling old recipes from previous events and farming Mothers Sorrow and purpling Divines pieces. I also do a Thievi g loop daily.
What are some other ways to make gold?
Actually rephrase. What are some high selling items in the game that are farmeable? I noticed Sorrow doesn’t go for as much as it used to.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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  • Tigeracer
    If you like PVP, then selling the rewards from battlegrounds or rewards for the worthy will net you a decent yield. That's how I make all of my gold.
  • h9dlb
    Buy low, sell high
  • Necrotech_Master
    most overland drops do not sell as much anymore because most everyone probably has them completed with item curation and the collection book and can just recreate when they need them, unless they want to save mats on jewelry or something

    if you dont mind having pvp be a possibility, i would recommend just farming in IC, you can sell hakeijo runes for almost 100k gold each, they only cost 5000 tel var and you can sometimes get them for free from trove scamps and molag bal in the middle of the sewer
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
  • MidniteOwl1913
    Join a trading guild with a trader in a good city.

    Training area gear sells pretty well (although not for a a lot of gold) and is easy to get. I have chest farming run in Bal Foyen I use. I also have a number of thieves troves spots in my routine. Maps from them can also be a good source of gold. I also like to farm the Atoll of Immolation, the sets that drop are mostly good and also sell quickly.

    And whatever you do (if you want to hold onto that gold), *never* get obsessed with housing... ;-)

  • FrancisCrawford
    Daily crafting writs.

    And hireling emails.
  • Jaimeh
    In addition to the above, potent nirncrux still sells well, and also furnishing materials like mundane runes, heartwood, decorative wax, etc., and these are pretty much straightforward to farm (albeit yield might not be great, but I think it's easier than farming for DLC motifs, which btw also still sell well). One note for daily writs: make sure your alts can do max level jewel writs because jewel mats keep rising in price.
  • gamerguy757
    So what I’m doing now is selling. All intricate gear, on writs or overland if I get a Kuta I make a glyph and sell, and one routes, I usually farm Beisrheart or mothers sorrow and only sell Divines and purple it out.
    And no I don’t do housing 😂
  • Nestor
    Other than the 800,000 you need to max bag space, what are spending the gold on? Housing? Recipes? Amassing Gold because it is your goal?

    Nothing wrong with this, just curious. Some people play this game just for the Economy. I dabble and only have 50 Million. Don't have time to become a Robber Baron.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • FriedEggSandwich
    My only source of income is daily writs on just 6 characters. Gets me about 50k per day, but I get a ton of gold upgrade mats (dreugh wax, chromium grains etc), plus master writs for doing that, and I could be selling those. I've been collecting furnishing plans for a while, and my main crafter now knows how to make quite a bit. I discovered recently that I could mail furnishings I had made to players, and it occurred to me that I could sell furnishings. Perfect Roe is technically farmable, and super expensive in guild stores.
    PC | EU
  • gamerguy757
    So I usually just hoard gold. I don’t really care about housing. I just use them for storage and waypoints, but I do t waste gold on them.
    I’m a member of 2 higher end guild that want 1m sales a week and I’m kinda lost on how to do it. I usually just do the 35k donations by thievery (20-40k a day) but just wish I had some better ideas how to do it or what to sell.
  • merpins
    Do your dailies is the main suggestion. Gold mats are worth a lot these days. You can also make money by doing PVP and getting those boxes that have sets people want, like Deadly Strike.
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