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More boulders, please! (furnishing limits are too low)

Because furnishing limits are so low, even in manors, one of the best solutions builders currently have is to cover unused parts using large items – trees, boulders, walls, whatever. A good cover-up alone can take 100+ slots.

I was checking Serenity Falls on PTS to see which rocks can I use to block off some land. Disappointed: NONE of the large rocks match the landscape at all. I don't and will never buy crown store items for 50+ slots, but anyway none of those match either. So that'll mean having to even more slots for cover-up.

Mismatched rock mess:

Not to mention whatever's up with this huuuuuuge, enormous Craglorn rock :D (which might be nice and useful, actually, if it really was huge as described):

Anyway. I know old, gold-earnable homes + rocks are not going to be a priority. But I'll join the community in these popular requests:
  1. More slots for smaller houses
    I would love to earn (gold) or buy an additional 100 slots for smaller houses like Sleek Creek, for example. Please!
  2. Notable Homes should have more slots to begin with*
    * I know the Dev team stated that this is about console limitations. It just doesn't make sense: if 700 is truly the upper limit (too bad for those of us with systems that can handle more, but) OK – then can't there be an option to approach that limit in existing smaller homes, as in #1?
  3. Remove ESO+ distinction: I wholly agree with the other thread; this is outdated.
    (Inventory needs an update on the whole, now that there are tons more items and sets vs when these limits were created.)
  4. Addendum: agreeing with others elsewhere, many of us don't want more gigantic, grand spaces: just more slots to make smaller spaces feel lived-in.
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