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Azandar's Inquisitiveness

So far, this has only worked if I have him equipped, unlike other companion perks that are always passive. Has anyone got his perk without him equipped?

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  • jaws343
    Yeah, once I got him fully favored and unlocked it, his perk is always active for me. I get regular drops running with Isobel and in Imperial City backpacks.
  • ZOS_Kraken

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  • Necrotech_Master
    his passive is definitely fully passive once you get the keepsake

    ive only unlocked him on 3 toons but still get the passive on one of my toons that doesnt have him unlocked yet since i have the keepsake

    i will say that his folios tend to drop much more frequently from stolen loot sources than non-stolen
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  • LunaFlora
    the bonus is only passive when you get a companion's keepsake. maybe you don't remember getting the keepsakes for the other companions

    but it requires
    getting the Companion Name's Favor achievement,
    getting them to combat level 20,
    getting them to max rapport,
    and completing their story quests.
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