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Apocrypha portal. Pleeeeeeeeease?

The ones that pop up from the Akacirn's(sp?) green cloud in the Numinous Grimoire 3 quest. Those are so awesome, they need to be a house item - preferably usable as well.
Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Miiighty Gruumsh!
  • Raxxial
    Soul Shriven
    Oh hecc yeah this would be awesome!
  • LunaFlora
    that would be super!
    miaow! i'm Luna ( she/her ).

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    "Eagles advance, traveler! And may the Green watch and keep you."
    PlayStation and PC EU.
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  • Zurixadai
    Yes, housing desperately needs portals/teleporters.

    Gameplay Wishlist:
    -Winterhold [In all of its still-standing, pre-sunken, "rivaling Solitude" glory!]
    -Frost class/skill line [Wardens count!]
    -Unarmed/monk class or skill line
    -Polearms/spears skill line [Aedric Spear counts, but...]
    -Bound Weapons skill line [Casters should have more than sticks, yeah?]
    -More skill lines in general

    Housing Wishlist:
    -Structure pieces, by the thousands! Walls, doors, stairs; everything from every racial/architectural style
    -More functional furniture: doors that open/close, portals to travel throughout one home, etc
    -"Lairs" or something similar: another separate, instanced space inside of a home
    -NPC's: guards and bards, all day
    -The Golden Vendor, but able to be placed in homes [Might help with some excess Cyrodiil traffic, maybe?]
    -The Luxury Furnisher, but also able to be placed in homes [... Look, homes are huge and I'm tired of them being empty]
    -Boat house [Fair Winds absolutely counts!]
    -Boat furnishings in general
    -Respec/redidication shrines
    -Wayshrines [I can just port to a guildmate, I guess, but...]
    -Undaunted pledge billboards/Undaunted NPC's
    -Crafting writ billboards
    -More mount/pet functionality when placed [Pathing counts!]
    -Guild bank/store access
    -Ability to repair gear at home [If traveling merchants in the middle of nowhere can do it, why can't I?]
    -Other, smaller, fun functionality, like farming or mini-games [Tales of Tribute absolutely counts!]

    QoL Wishlist:
    -Text search boxes [Praise Tall Papa, thank you.]
    -Item conversion/transmogrification [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Previewer/dressing room [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Instead of Arms Packs (or in addition to them), just sell me the blasted VFX
    -Gear loadouts [Armory system counts!]
    -Skill loadouts Armory system counts!
    -Cloaks [I know you said no, but I'm not taking it off my list.]
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    Still wondering why we don't even have unusable items that looks like standard mage's and oblivion portals.
    [Lie] Of course! I don't even worship Daedra!
  • MoonPile
    Yes! Also the portals at the end of dungeons are so pretty, it would be cool if we could place those as the port-in location in a house. (Just want to use Lunar Champion without the stupid loading screens)
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