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I got a question

I post a lot of suggestions that I think will improve the game a lot so that way I will enjoy the game more. I have a problem.

I'm not sure what to do besides flagging my own post to request it to be deleted.
I don't want to delete any of my post but I feel like I have to because a lot of times people strongly dislike my ideas/suggestions.

Anyone got any advice of how to post really good suggestions on the forums?
  • Braffin
    I just can speak for myself, but even if I oppose a lot of your suggestions I don't see the need to delete them. You have the same right to share your opinion as anyone else, so don't feel discouraged by some opposition. :)
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  • phaneub17_ESO
    Part of being on a public space is handling criticism, if you treat it as an attack on you then you'll never get anywhere. Objective criticism is a good thing, you learn how others think and see from a different perspective. If you only expect agreement on every topic, there's no development or growth for better outcomes.
  • Nestor
    In a public forum, people are going to agree or disagree. All you can do is be polite, express yourself while respecting others, and be open to discussing differences of opinions without taking it personaly
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  • LunaFlora
    you do not have to delete any posts.
    however it would be helpful if you made the titles actually related to your post.

    if you have a question, ask it in the title so people know what it's about besides the fact that it's a question.
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  • Danikat
    There's no need to delete a suggestion just because it was unpopular.

    Looking at your previous topics here's some things I think you could do to improve them:

    Use clear titles which make it obvious what the topic is about. It doesn't have to be a full sentence, it could just be key words. Topics like 'Underwater combat idea' or 'New mount suggestions' are a lot better than 'What' or 'would you rather...'

    Explain why you're suggesting it. Why is it a good idea? What does it add to the game which isn't there now? Try to give a reason beyond just 'it would be fun'. Don't assume it's obvious or that everyone will share your opinion. Similarly make sure you explain any novel concepts or terminology, don't assume it's obvious from the name what you mean or that everyone has played the same games you have and seen it before.

    If you're joking and just want to have fun imagining silly things say so - without facial expressions or tone of voice it's very hard to tell when someone is joking online so any suggestion will be taken seriously by some people. Even an obviously stupid suggestion will be interpreted as a stupid person trying to suggest something they actually want rather than a silly joke. (Trust me, there is no idea so obviously dumb that no one would ever say it seriously.)

    If it's a serious suggestion try to think about how it could affect different types of players and how it could be misused and try to find ways around that. Would it be funny for two players hanging around in town to turn each other into random things? For some people, yes. Would it be fun for a role-playing group having a serious confrontation or a guild holding a memorial for a dead friend to get turned into random things? Maybe for the person doing it to them, not for anyone affected. How could you allow the first and prevent the second?

    Most importantly be prepared to defend the idea. It's the internet, people will disagree for the sake of disagreeing so you'll never have an idea everyone likes, but that doesn't mean it's a bad idea. More importantly though people who are 'arguing' may actually be asking for more information, suggesting changes or pointing out problems that could stop your idea working because they like it and want to help improve it. It can be hard to see people criticising something you think is good, especially if you've spent a lot of time on it but taking the time to explain and being open to suggestions will go over better than trying to force them to agree and definitely better than trying to end the discussion or delete it just because someone didn't like it.

    (If nothing else keeping the topic going gives more time for ZOS to notice it.)

    Polls - you can put the choices into the poll itself instead of in the post text. If it's too long put a short 'heading' version into the poll and more detail in the post but when the poll just says 'red option' and 'blue option' it's confusing.
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  • Soraka
    Even if your suggestion is unpopular it doesn't mean other people may also think of it sometime and they can find your topic you made and see responses etc. I don't think it's needed to delete something because it wasn't popular.
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